Top 7 DIY Advertising Design Tips

If its been a while since you changed the look of your business ads, maybe now is the time to put a fresh set of eyes on them. There may be opportunities to rewrite content, add social media references or improve the quality of photos used.

Here are my top 7 tips for designing print and online:

1.) Use a header or title that will attract attention and let the reader know what to expect like “20th Anniversary Sale” or “Professional Cleaning Services”.

2.) Add an eye catching image…don’t just use your company logo. Ads featuring people get more attention! If its a local publication, try to use a picture of business owners and employees whenever possible. Your customers will soon be saying “I saw your picture in the paper”, and that’s a good thing!

3.) Use the body of the ad to clearly explain what you’re offering. In most cases its best to keep it simple so stick to just one or two key areas, don’t try to explain your entire line of services in a 3″x5″ ad.

4.) Include a call to action; tell readers exactly what you want them to do…like “schedule an appointment today to receive your $10 discount” or “follow us on Twitter for weekly specials” or “book your Valentine’s dinner reservation by February 10th”.

5.) Include contact information. Depending on the size of the ad you may just list a phone number or website address, if there is enough room also include a physical address (if clients/customers come to you) and social media icons.

6.) Use your designated branding colors; don’t get too fancy with crazy fonts and wild color schemes. Make sure text is large enough and easy to read for all ages (nothing less than 9pt).

7.) Change things up from time to time. Once the basic size and layout is established its easy to change the body of the ad. Offer a new special, promote a different product or service or feature a helpful tip. If you’re creative enough people will start to look for your ad to see what’s new. I hope these quick tips inspire you to change things up with your ads this year! Feel free to contact me if you’d like some help designing new print or online ads.

Click here to download and print these Top 7 DIY advertising design tips.

Graphic Design Tip: Leave “WWW.” off the front of your website address

Graphic design tips for marketing your small business.

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