The secret to error-free marketing content

Does this sound familiar?

You just spent three hours crafting the perfect marketing email for your tourism-related business in Bellingham. You created some snazzy visuals to go along with the messaging – quotes from happy travelers who loved your business. You made sure to include a call to action and links back to your website. You copied and pasted the content into MailChimp, loaded the visuals, previewed the email online and sent yourself a test email, which you skimmed. All looked good, so you hit the Send button.

Phew! Job done.

Then, when you open a copy of the published email in your own inbox, you start noticing things that you totally missed during your own review. One of the hyperlinks went to the wrong page on your website. There is a typo in the visual you created. There is one digit missing from your phone number in the footer of the email. Oh, no!

Unlike a published blog article, there is no “undo” button; you can’t edit what has already been sent via email. You get a sinking feeling knowing that hundreds of consumers have received an email from your business that had several errors.

This was not the impression of your small, local business that you wanted people to have when they received your email marketing campaign. You are embarrassed and worry that you may be doing more harm than good with email marketing, but you aren’t sure what a solution might be.

How to create error-free marketing content

This happens all the time when one person is tasked with developing email marketing content, or any other content for that matter. It is totally common to read (and re-read) text that we’ve written and not notice mistakes. Our brain sometimes reads what we thought we were typing instead of the words that our fingers really typed.

Tip: To catch common mistakes, try reading the text loud. Reading it backwards sometimes can help, too. Both processes force you to slow down and see the piece differently, which helps you avoid skipping over mistakes.

What also is needed is a fresh set of eyes – another person to review what you put together; what you need is to build a relationship with a professional copy editor.

Experienced copy editors can review and proofread email campaigns before you hit the Send button. They can also review and edit corporate reports, blog articles, brochures, letters, social media content and much more. Copy editors are the fresh eyes you need so you can send (or print) important communications pieces with confidence.

Tip: Before you hire a copy editor, make sure that they understand the flavor and lingo of the local market. Do they know places and people? Are they engaged enough in the community to know trending topics to incorporate and hot buttons to steer clear of for PR purposes? There is a big advantage to working with a copy editor who is familiar with the communities you do business in. They can do a better job with editing and messaging if they know your market.

Editing with a PR spin

The best copy editors near Bellingham, WA understand the technical side of writing – use of grammar and punctuation and formatting. They also understand public relations strategies and know how to create content that is clear, balanced and appealing to search engines like Google and Bing. They will think about the overall messaging in your communication piece and adjust anything that local consumers may perceive as negative.

The best copy editors will be able to build upon what you write and help develop robust content that includes all these things. Sounds good, right?

If you enjoy DIY copywriting and have the time to do it, hiring a local copy editor who can review your text before it is used will be a huge relief.

An alternative: Hire someone to write for you

If you are reading this article and don’t enjoy the writing process, you should consider partnering with a local copywriter. That person develops the messaging – writing blog articles, drafting email marketing campaigns or corporate letters – and then sends them to you for review and approval. Their work will be technically accurate; your role would simply be to fact-check any details shared and confirm that the messaging is the way you want it. In that scenario, your time commitment would be minutes instead of hours.

Whether you need a copy editor or copywriter, PR Consulting is a resource you can rely on. Since 2009, we have helped Whatcom County companies communicate with consumers using all types of marketing tools – blogging, email marketing, corporate letter writing, website content development, flyers, brochures and so much more. Reach out to our team anytime!

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