Tap into the power of live stream video with these 5 tips

What if a friend told you there was a marketing tool that could instantly build consumer trust? What if they also mentioned that tool was free to use?

Well, we’re here to tell you about just such a tool—it’s called live stream video and marketers around the world are testing and using live stream apps to create quick and casual videos that gain exposure for their brands.

Apps like Periscope and Meerkat were developed in 2015, and the best thing is that these tools are free!

Pro Tip: Integrate live streaming apps with Twitter to extend the reach of content being shared.

So why should marketers consider using live stream video in 2016? It’s simple really. Live stream is a marketing tool that gives consumers something they want—direct access to people and brands along with information they can view anywhere, anytime. The term “mobile now” is being used to explain how people (ah hem, your customers) want to connect with others and get information immediately on their mobile device.

How live stream video helps build trust.

You’ve surely heard people say “It’s so nice to put a face with a name.” Live streaming magnifies that statement. It allows many people to look a business owner in the eye during a live broadcast and interact. They can ask questions, listen and see the broadcaster (that’s you) live. This mode of communication can be used as a tool to build trust and humanize a brand and help consumers feel connected much faster.


In a recent Social Media Success Summit webinar, live stream video pro Brian Fanzo spoke about how live broadcasts are being used to show transparency with consumers.

Some companies are showcasing real employees and telling stories about what is going on in and around their business which in most cases creates instant trust. However, in some cases it does not.

“Transparency does not guarantee trust. What transparency guarantees is a window into who you are and if you are trustworthy. If you are authentic, live streaming allows you to build trust on a scale, and at a rate we’ve never seen before. If you’re not a good person and you’re transparent and show the world you’re not a good person, they won’t trust you because they will have seen your true colors.”

For the sake of this article let’s assume that you are a good person producing great products or delivering valuable services.

Here are 5 ways to use live streaming video to market a small business.

  1. Think like a fan and/or consumer then use live broadcasts to show unique insights. Examples may be behind the scenes looks at production of a product, employee bio features, new merchandise hitting the shelves for the first time, testimonials from customers—the options are limitless!
  2. Answer consumer questions on the spot. Consider what this would look like if you set up a live stream corner at a trade show where event attendees could ask questions about your product or service and you could immediately provide answers.
  3. Spend 5-7 minutes talking about a recent blog post your business published (make sure to tell users to check out your website where they can read the entire article).
  4. Keep in mind that live streaming is not supposed to be absolutely perfect—this isn’t a full-blown video production with lights, sound and a script. Be prepared, but be real. Stay casual and don’t read from a script.
  5. Keep this flow in mind when shooting live video. Start with an introduction (who you are, what your business is, what your Twitter handle is) then move into the meaty content (why you’re streaming live). Spend a minute or two answering questions that have come in while you’re live. Lastly, wrap it all up by circling back to who you are, share your company’s website address and Twitter handle again.

That’s a wrap for this article. If you’d like to research live video streaming more, this article is a good place to start. Then, if you decide to download the Periscope app and give live streaming a try, make sure to follow @PattiRowlson and tune into broadcasts from our Bellingham marketing firm.

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