Special Offer

Complimentary consultation

We love the local business community and want to contribute to its vibrancy and growth in helpful, meaningful ways.

With that in mind, if you own or manage a business that is currently licensed in Whatcom County, you can schedule a complimentary video consultation with Patti Rowlson, BPRC’s founder.

Conversation topics can include how to communicate with various stakeholders, how to pick the best marketing tools for your business, how to best manage customer relations, how to proactively manage public relations, how to respond to online reviews, and more.

Call or email to schedule your consultation.

Communications sampler, $275

This special offer has been designed for business leaders who need to communicate in transparent ways with a variety of stakeholders, such as staff, customers, and the general public.

With this offer, you’ll have access to experienced communications pros who will write a PR-focused article on your behalf.

That content can be used anywhere — shared on your website, sent via email, printed as a flyer, published as a corporate letter, or all of the above.

BPRC client testimonial
Call 360-305-3720 or email patti@bellinghampr.com to get started.

Complimentary consultation scope: Must be a licensed business in Whatcom County. Up to 45 minutes; one complimentary consultation per business. Limited time offer.

Communications sampler scope: One-time offer, for new clients only. Up to 500 words, up to two rounds of editing. Delivered to you in a Word doc. You manage publishing of the content.

Keeping it easy for you! No contract, no long-term commitment or other obligation.

Regular rate: $325. Limited time offer. Rates subject to change.

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