Twitter Tips

TwitterCan you market your business in 140 characters or less? Absolutely…but you have to know what you’re doing! Twitter has become one of the top social media marketing platforms for small businesses.

For new users, Twitter can be overwhelming – you have to learn about things like streams, hashtags, tweetups, mentions, and more.

Whether you’re new to Twitter or somewhat experienced, the do-it-yourself Twitter tips below help make this social media platform more understandable.

Tips include how to use Twitter for small business marketing, how to use hashtags and how to find people to connect with on Twitter.

Read the articles and watch the how-to videos…and if you get stuck in area contact PR Consulting. We are Twitter marketing experts!

Can Twitter automation harm your brand? Yes it can. 

Why Twitter automation is bad for small business. 

Why use Twitter for small business marketing?

How to use Twitter for event marketing.

Using Twitter for customer service.

Four things you shouldn’t be doing on Twitter.

Want to stand out on Twitter? You have to be “engaging”.

Twitter – beyond the basics.

Setting up a Twitter account.

How to use hashtags.

How to find people to follow on Twitter.

How to use Twitter lists to market your small business.

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