LinkedIn Tips


LinkedIn is a social media platform that is used by millions of business professionals around the globe. It’s proven to be a great way to keep in touch with business peers, colleagues and other important contacts that you may be able to partner with now or collaborate with later in your career – think of LinkedIn as a virtual Rolodex.

If you use LinkedIn as a business marketing tool, it’s important for your profile to be polished – it needs to show off your areas of expertise in the best possible light.

This list of do-it-yourself tips for LinkedIn will walk you through how to set up a profile for the first time, how to adjust email notification settings and how to expand your network of connections.

If you need help polishing your LinkedIn profile please contact PR Consulting – we are here to help with copywriting, editing and status updates that shine a light on your personal brand.

5 LinkedIn tips that will boost your personal brand

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Top tips for creating and using a LinkedIn profile.

Setting up a LinkedIn profile.

How to use LinkedIn for business-to-consumer networking.

Adjusting email settings for LinkedIn notifications.

How to use LinkedIn for business-to-business networking.

How to create a LinkedIn company page for your business.

LinkedIn tips for college students.

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How to expand your network on LinkedIn.

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