Guest Blog: Remembering your clients during the holidays

Lynn Guiliani

The month of December is a great time to make contact with your clients and say “Thank you!” “We appreciate your business.” “Thanks for choosing us.” “We appreciate your loyalty.”

Or better yet, simply “I wanted to reach out (or make contact) and wish you Happy Holidays!”

One of my special clients makes a point of contacting as many clients in December as possible and saying just that. It is not a sales call, simply a wish for an enjoyable holiday season. They are so committed to this initiative that their branches have contests to see who can make the most heartfelt calls. I bet you can imagine the results–more business!


Because they set themselves apart and take the time to reach out with that personal touch and seasonal greeting. This same community bank makes personal calls to their business customers with a small gift such as a mug with a pack of hot chocolate in it, or a poinsettia plant.

Remembering your clients in December with a “no strings” message is very important.

Here are a few other ideas:

-Invite your client out for a holiday coffee or lunch
-Stop by their office with a small gift and a card signed by your branch team
-Invite them to your office for refreshments (I like homemade cookies and cider–great aroma!)
-Deliver your calendar to their office along with refreshments for their staff
-Send them a card with a Starbucks or local business gift card saying “Thank you for your business/you are our business. Happy Holidays!”

Here’s what many do and in my humble opinion miss the mark. Companies spend a fair amount on calendars and leave them on their counters for folks to simply take as many as they want. When my mother was still driving I would get 6-8 a year all with her great intentions but I know this is not what the companies were hoping for. Some little Granny taking 2-4 for her relatives. If you choose to invest in calendars hand them out personally, and much better yet, deliver them to business offices as a great reason to make an introductory call.

If you read through the ideas above there’s a common theme: a personal touch. I hope you reach out and make as many as you can. Wishing you enjoyment as you do so!

Thank you to Lynn Guiliani of Progressions Inc. Sales Training & Consulting for sharing this article with us!

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