Recruitment Marketing


When your business grows and you find it’s time to add new staff, or when you need to find qualified candidates to fill existing positions, Bellingham PR & Communications can help.

We assist large and small businesses in Whatcom County with recruitment marketing, working independently or alongside in-house human resources teams to help bring qualified candidates to your door.

Our HR recruiting services for Whatcom County businesses include:

  • Writing job summaries
  • Creating compelling recruitment ads
  • Updating job openings on your website
  • Posting job openings on online job boards, such as Craigslist, Indeed and WorkSource
  • Creating social media posts that promote job openings at your business
  • Consulting about recruitment strategies
  • Researching competition in the job market
  • Setting up online application forms

Contact Bellingham PR & Communications today to get started.

“Recruitment marketing takes time, and we know that being short-staffed means you probably don’t have extra time, or energy, to spend on recruitment marketing. Outsourcing recruitment marketing and advertising is a great option.”

You can rest assured knowing that recruitment marketing tasks are being handled in a professional manner that positively reflects your brand. Contact Bellingham PR & Communications today to get started.

Patti Rowlson

Founder, Bellingham PR & Communications (formerly PR Consulting)

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