Recent study shows why small businesses need to have an online presence

According to the 2016 Small Business Technology Impact Study, small businesses need to have a solid online presence if they expect to be successful. Why you ask?

Up to 50% of consumers surveyed in the study indicated that they might not buy from a company that doesn’t have a website. Does that number surprise you?

In 2016, successful business marketing plans should include spreading the word and creating a buzz about your business online using several tools—not one, but several tools.

Savvy marketers know how to showcase what their company does online using social media, blogging, online review management and email marketing.

While almost 60% of small businesses have a social media presence,
fewer than 50% are producing other types of content for lead generation.

photo-1449198063792-7d754d6f3c80We know that creating meaningful content and broadcasting it online is one of the best marketing tools available today, but not everyone understands what types of content to share and how to use it online.

A large number of DIY marketers are also not comfortable writing content. They may overthink what to write, take way too much time to create an article, or keep putting the task off because they don’t like to write blog articles or social media posts. Writing the wrong type of content, or avoiding it altogether will not get you the online presence needed in today’s market.

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At PR Consulting we have worked with Whatcom County companies that were jolted into the online marketing world in a reactive manner. They had not done enough to positively position their brand online in recent years—they weren’t blogging consistently (or at all), their social media profiles were set-up but not maintained, and they had ignored both positive and negative reviews online. When consumers Googled the name of these companies what they found was not reflective of a great company.

When your online presence is ignored, you quickly lose control over the messages being broadcast online about your business and that’s not good.

At PR Consulting, we help companies in Bellingham and Lynden positively position their brands online by managing social media platforms with engagement marketing techniques. We also create high quality content—blog articles, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, website content, etc. The proactive work we do gives our clients the confidence and peace of mind they need–they know consumers will like what they see when they Google the name of their business.

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