Recap of “Social Profit System 2014” webinar with Mari Smith

Mari Smith webinarMari Smith, a leading authority on Facebook marketing, recently hosted an online webinar about creating a proven Facebook and social media marketing strategy. Her talks are always valuable – it’s impossible to come away without a slew of new ideas and inspiration.

Below are some tips and tricks that really stood out from this recent webinar (which Patti Rowlson live-tweeted).

  • In 2014 it’s not possible to only use Facebook for social media marketing – diversify (with other sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).
  • Fear is a major challenge when it comes to social media marketing – you have to overcome your own limiting beliefs/fears (you are good enough, you can do this).
  • The top goal of Facebook marketing should be to generate more traffic to your web site.
  • 3 step social media marketing system = content (create your own stuff & curate others), engagement and conversion.
  • Link posts are now getting more visibility in Facebook news feeds.
  • Marketing is an amplifier. Have clear goals and optimized social profiles and bios.
  • Facebook wants ads to be “as relevant and timely as content shared by our friends”.
  • Consumers now expect a response from a brand on social media within 30 minutes, or they move on.
  • Social media marketing success comes from having a plan & a team.
  • It’s OK (and maybe even necessary) to outsource some parts of social media. The secret to managing your social media time is delegating to members of a trusted team.
  • Partnering with a social media/community manager is one of the best investments you can make. Consumers want to know someone is there representing your business/brand.
  • When hiring a community manager make sure they are resourceful, objective, poised and experienced. It’s worth it to pay for experience.
  • Study other businesses’ successful Facebook pages to see what content is popular, what their writing style is, etc. Monitoring competitors pages is a good place to start.
  • Social media is only successful when it’s tied to results.

“The number of Facebook fans you have means very little – the number of relevant Facebook fans who care about your brand means everything.” –  Jon Loomer

If you weren’t able to participate in the webinar, fret not. Mari put together a great slideshow (below) that went along with the webinar. That’s one of the reasons that Mari has become so successful at what she does–she goes above and beyond simply giving a talk. She provides resources and ways for attendees to be fully engaged in her discussions.

Want to watch the entire session for yourself? The full 2-hour webinar can be viewed below. Get ready to take notes!

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