Each business that we work with is truly unique. Sometimes, we work alongside in-house teams to fills skills gaps on select projects, or we manage recurring tasks (eNews, corporate newsletters, social media) that a specific leader does not have time for.

Some companies hire our team of marketing pros to independently manage projects because their needs do not warrant hiring an in-house person, or because they don’t have a team member with the right skill set for certain marketing tasks, such as content development or public relations.

Either way, PR Consulting is here to help!

First, we consult, plan and identify a scope of work. Then, you subscribe to a bundle of services that will be delivered consistently each month. Your bundle package will be customized to your needs and budget.

As one example of rates, content-only bundles start at $345 per month. Bundles that include content and social media management start at $545 per month. Other services can be added to those baselines to create a custom bundle for your business.

We believe that being flexible is important to small businesses. Rest assured that when you partner with PR Consulting, there are no scary long-term contracts. We do ask for an initial three-month commitment to get the ball rolling and to start building consumer trust in your market. After the first three months, services can be canceled with a 60-day notice.

Ready to learn more about outsourcing marketing tasks? Contact Patti Rowlson, PR Consulting’s founder and marketing director.

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