Promoting your company’s social media pages at events

Do you promote your social media pages during events? If not, you should!

Showcasing your business in public (at tradeshows and during community events) can be smart marketing. These types of events provide an opportunity to quickly introduce your brand to countless potential customers…and they provide an opportunity to increase your base of followers on your company’s social media sites.

Providing opportunities for consumers to stay connected with your business can be simple. Here are two quick tips that can be used to promote your social media marketing program at local events and tradeshows:

  • Make signs on 8 ½” x 11” laminated sheets of paper that display social media logos (along with the URL of your pages). Post those signs in key places, such as on bench seating or at your booth. Note: if you are displaying the signs at your own event, you don’t necessarily need to put your business logo on the page. If you are displaying the signs at a community event (or tradeshow), make sure to get permission from the event organizer before posting signs, and include your business branding on each sign (logo, branding colors).

Social Media Marketing

  • Create a hashtag for your event to help attendees engage with your business. If your business name is fairly short, make it part of the hashtag (see #roozengaarde sample above). You can also use keywords that are relevant to the event (ex: #SkagitTulips).
  • Does your business have a Twitter account? If so, follow event hashtags and engage with people that are tweeting about the event. Interacting with attendees in a friendly, non-sales pitchy way, may entice them to visit your booth or to connect with your brand on Twitter (remember to follow them back – they are interested in your business!).
  • Design something to send home with people, such as a postcard-sized flyer that can be tucked into every sales bag or handed out to attendees walking by your booth. Include content that informs, educates and entices people to check out your business online…and to connect with your social media pages.

Social Media Marketing

Increasing the number of followers your business has on social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ is an ongoing process of outreach, engagement, follow-up, customer service and conversation.

How you market your business before, during and after events can make a big difference when it comes to interacting with all those potential customers today and in the future.

Contact PR Consulting, a Bellingham, WA marketing firm, if you need help managing your company’s social media profiles or if you want to brainstorm event marketing ideas. We are here to help.

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