PR Consulting rolls out visual content marketing services

February 26, 2016

Wet-Nose-RoverVisual content is one of the hottest marketing trends for 2016. With the continued growth of visual social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, marketers everywhere are working to change the way they share content with consumers—making it more visual in nature instead of being text-based.

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views
than content without relevant images.

The good news is that visual content marketing can be impactful, fun and widely shared—one image can be seen online by thousands of local consumers.

The downside is that there is a consistent need for fresh visual content…it can at times feel like you’re constantly needing to feed the visual content beast!

Visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared
on social media than other types of content.

TMH- Live your life. LIThe evolution of content marketing is coming into play because the expectations of consumers have changed.  They don’t want to spend time reading and clicking links. They want to scan, understand the point and make split-second decisions based on what they see.

At PR Consulting, our team creates social media visuals that help shine a light on the products and services of businesses in Whatcom County.

If you want to learn more about partnering with our Bellingham, WA marketing firm, please contact Patti Rowlson.

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