Overcome your fear of video marketing with these 3 tips

As you’ve probably noticed, video gets excellent engagement on Facebook. And with the company’s recent rollout of new metrics for gauging audience information, share data and more, video is becoming even more useful for small businesses. In a recent survey, nearly 70 percent of marketers said that video is the No. 1 way of encouraging interaction among consumers.

And with Facebook openly pushing video content, it’s no huge surprise that video engagement is growing while reaction to other types of posts has dwindled.

But recognizing the value of video is one thing. Getting a video online is another thing entirely.

Let’s look at a few common barriers to video production and identify some ways to overcome them:

You’re introverted and/or camera shy, and the last thing you want to do is appear on camera.

Believe me, we totally understand this. A lot of us would rather work behind the scenes than stand in the glare of the spotlight.

But you can still create engaging, valuable video despite being camera shy. A couple ways to do it:

  • IMG_1139You could stay behind the lens and point your camera at something or someone else. Perhaps you could record products or services you offer, with a little narration. Or you could get your customers (with their permission, of course) or employees on camera.
  • Realizing that customers enjoy connecting with the face behind the company, why not try brushing your shyness aside and see what happens? Social media in the past few years has showed everyone that it’s possible to connect online with personality and humor no matter your experience or comfort level. People will forgive your lack of camera experience if it means getting to know you. Also, consider getting involved with an organization like Toastmasters to work up a little extra confidence.

You’re uncomfortable with the technology required to produce videos.

Cell phones have basically obviated this complaint. Pretty much every phone shoots high-quality video these days, and customers aren’t as concerned with production value as you might think.

Make the video personal, relatable and relevant, and your fans will eat it up. When it comes to social media marketing video, where there is a need for frequent video posts, the value of the content trumps the value of the production every time.

You can’t imagine what you’d say in a video — or why anyone would care.

Believe it or not, people do care. Again, these are the days when customers are eschewing faceless corporations for the opportunity to do business with someone they know. They’ll appreciate getting to know you.

But if you’re not sure what to say, start by brainstorming the skeleton of a simple content plan. Look at your schedule for the next month. Are there any holidays coming up that are relevant to your business? Do you have any sales or events in the pipeline that you could talk about? You could also consider hiring a consultant to brainstorm ideas and put a content plan together for you. Here are a few tips for finding the right person.

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