Online Brand Management

With one quick negative online review, a company’s reputation can be put in jeopardy. Information travels fast on the Internet – it’s important for business owners to position their business online in a positive way and stay on top of how their company is represented.

There are online tools that help companies monitor their reputation so they can respond to things like Yelp and Facebook reviews in a timely manner – whether those review are positive or negative.

Taking a little time each week to monitor how your business is being represented online can protect and strengthen your company’s reputation and brand. Learn more through the tutorials linked below…and remember, if you need help with brand management, PR Consulting is here for you. We can help!

Customers are complaining about my business, now what?

When online customers knock, is there anyone there?

Promoting social media in brick-and-mortar locations.

3 best practices for responding to negative reviews.

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