Marketing tips for entrepreneurs

VocusChris Brogan, Publisher and CEO of Owner Magazine, recently hosted a Vocus webinar on marketing for entrepreneurs. The webinar brought up the point that if transaction-minded marketing isn’t working for your business, maybe it’s time to go at it from a different angle.

Chris BroganInstead, find passion for your community of clients and customers to increase loyalty. Brogan discussed how community engagement creates a sense of belonging, which can lead to lifetime customers…and that’s a good thing!

There were dozens of great takeaways from this webinar – here are some of our favorites:

  • Newsletters, podcasts, blogging, Instagram/Pinterest and video are recommended marketing tools for 2014…but never care too much about one marketing tool – you have to be free flowing.
  • When it comes to personalizing your brand, be yourself but be the version of yourself that is most helpful to others. If you want to “do magic” in business make sure you are serving others – not just serving yourself.
  • Share your passion for your business…not just the product.
  • We love certain brands because we feel like they get us; like we belong. Let people in your community be part of your business story – feature them in newsletters and in marketing materials.
  • Spend time and money on your community – give them your attention, ask for feedback frequently. Business is about belonging – spend time with people who like your biz.
  • If someone loves your product thank them…don’t use the opportunity to try to sell them something else.
  • Newsletter marketing should always be about your community, not about yourself. Keep your email marketing newsletters to 300-500 words because people don’t have time/desire to read more. No one is sitting around thinking “I hope someone sends me an 8,000 word email”. Keep newsletters short & have only one ask. If you put junk in your newsletters, good biz will not come out the other end – include only quality info.
  • Consider “serving suggestions”. Tell people how to use your product/services. If you sell make up…use marketing tools to show peeps how to use it.
  • Consumers like to read personal interviews and feature profiles – feature them in your newsletters and blogs. Consumers also want “how to” information – use videos to give them what they are looking for.

Thanks Chris Brogan for sharing your marketing insights! We’ll look forward to the next opportunity to see you speak live or tune into future webinars.

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