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“You can do anything, but not everything.” – David Allen

For literally years, I had the best of intentions of posting to our social media pages every week–it was even set up as a task on my calendar every Friday. Did it happen? Nope!

I would look at that calendar entry every week and cringe. The truth was, I didn’t have time to keep up with social media marketing and when I saw that calendar reminder it just added one more thing to my plate…and I wasn’t confident I was even doing it right.

When we finally decided to let go and partner with PR Consulting, it was a huge relief. I didn’t have to beat myself up every Friday or feel guilty because I didn’t post. Now, I look at our our social media pages and I’m proud of LaserPoint Awards.

Over that past few months, the quality of posts that have gone out is amazing and the content covers all the services LaserPoint offers. My consultations with Patti are so easy–she does her research and comes up with suggestions.

My advice to other small businesses is to let go! We all have skills we’re really good at so concentrate on those and let PR Consulting manage the social media marketing for you.

Kathy Cross, PR Consulting client since 2016

LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions

I am a busy small business owner who also values having space in my life for family, church, volunteering with nonprofit groups, and serving as a commissioner with a local fire district.

I rely on PR Consulting to manage an important part of my business that I would otherwise have to spend a lot of time researching and managing: online marketing.

Their team takes care of online marketing for Bostec; they help me with a variety of writing projects and social media management. They also handle updates on our website.

Outsourcing marketing tasks to local pros allows me to spend time on personal endeavors that matter. Working with PR Consulting also allows me to focus on serving customers and managing the day-to-day operation of my business, which are areas I am most comfortable in.

Rich Bosman, PR Consulting client since 2015

Bostec, Inc.

Working with PR Consulting has been incredibly important to me, especially in the midst of difficult economic times that impacted my industry. Patti’s consistent coaching and encouragement during that time made me want to keep moving forward with marketing; she helped with lead generation and customer relations programs that made a difference.

PR Consulting works to keep Hudson Remodeling’s name in front of our target audience by coordinating social media efforts and developing content for our website and blog.

Patti’s copywriting skills have directly resulted in better search engine rankings in several key markets; our website investment would not be producing results without her efforts.

I would recommend talking with Patti if you need marketing or social media help for your business; she is personable, easy to get along with, and her services are valuable.

Charlie Hudson, PR Consulting client since 2010

Hudson Remodeling

PR Consulting helped manage the re-branding process for my business in 2011/2012; there was a lot to do but Patti kept the marketing, advertising and branding projects on track so I could focus on my business during that time.

As a busy small business owner, I appreciate that Patti is always quick to respond to my needs; she gets things done, is a great listener, and does a nice job of communicating in a way that everyone understands.

Over the years, Patti has supported my business in a variety of ways including website management, publicity, social media, and advertising design; I trust her experience, advice and coaching.

Sue Sorensen, PR Consulting client since 2010

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