Highlights from the HubSpot webinar, “The Secrets Behind Social Media Today”

Hubspot’s “The Secrets Behind Social Media Today” WebinarHubspot recently hosted a webinar on The Secrets Behind Social Media Today. The event was hosted by Dan Zarrella, Social Media “Scientist” of Hubspot, and the presenters were Jed Clevenger, Global Head of SMB Channel Marketing at Facebook, Russ Laraway, Senior SMB Director at Twitter, and Scott Engelman, Head of Online Marketing at LinkedIn.

The goal of the webinar was to bring together four dynamic presenters in the social media world and to share their best tips. Our own Patti Rowlson logged into the webinar and collected the following key points:

Top take-aways from The Secrets Behind Social Media Today – April 2014.

  • Social media marketing success = ABE – Always Be Experimenting.
  • Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.
  • Improve social media results by sharing photos of your team on sites like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.
  • So much of marketing today is about copywriting.
  • Biggest mistake peeps are making on social media = people are not being human enough.
  • Don’t link all your social accounts. Treat each network as they are different…because they are.
  • You HAVE to fill out profiles completely on social pages. Including LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook.

Tips specific to Twitter.

  • It’s important to get good at Twitter organically, paid advertising on Twitter is then an extension of that.
  • Tweets that include photos or Vine videos will give you 2 x the response as tweets without images.
  • Want more engagement Twitter? 40% of surveyed peeps said they want to learn about new products. Give them what they want via tweets.
  • If done right, your Twitter profile can actually be like a mobile website.
  • Use big content pieces (blogs, newsletters) to create Twitter content – carve them up into bite sized pieces/tweets.
  • Improve your Twitter profile to attract more followers = use your bio to describe your business…include your business URL in your profile bio.
  • Anyone can create a hashtag. Use meaningful hashtags. Create some that work for your business and build momentum! Give incentive for fans to use it! Just make sure it’s not a hashtag that is used by others – it’s got to be unique!
  • On Twitter – people connected with your business do so because they want to hear from you often. Tweet on a regular basis.
  • 75% of twitter users are mobile.

Tips Specific to Facebook.

  • How to get more value out of Facebook? Fill out complete and accurate info about your business in the profile section.
  • Facebook posts that ask for comments, likes and shares will not have as high of reach – Facebook announced they will not show these posts to as many people.
  • If you want to ramp up Facebook advertising, beyond infrequent ads, check out Power Editor.
  • Refresh paid ads periodically on Facebook. Every 2 to 4 weeks is the sweet spot.
  • Facebook targeting – new option allows Facebook to target people who have visited your website.

Tips Specific to LinkedIn.

  • Consider using sponsored updates to extend the reach beyond your current followers.
  • Your content does not need to be original from your company – just focus on sharing quality info on LinkedIn.

Want to see what other’s learned during this Hubspot webinar? Search for the event’s hashtag, #WLW14, on Twitter.

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