How to use LinkedIn to market yourself or your business

How much attention do you pay to your LinkedIn profile?

Probably less than you should.

Often described as “Facebook for professionals,” the platform’s utility is obvious: Ninety-four percent of job recruiters turn to LinkedIn in their hunts for candidates.

And even if you’re not looking for work, LinkedIn is a haven for professional development and networking. It’s also a place where potential customers seek out advice from others who’ve used your company’s products or services.

But how do you use the platform? And what makes your profile stand out? Here are a few things you can do to get started.

Create an account and completely fill out your profile. If you’re already using LinkedIn, make sure your profile is as robust as possible.

Your profile photo should be professionally done. Think of it as a yearbook photo without the braces and painful hairstyle.

Write a clear, catchy summary that captures your personality while displaying the many things you’re good at. While you’re writing, avoid buzzwords; you’re a lively, unique person, not a boring machine.

Pro tip: If you’re using the LinkedIn mobile app, there are a few filters you can apply to your profile photo to get just the right look.

Get involved. As with any social platform, you need to spend time on LinkedIn to build a community there. Read and comment on others’ posts and articles. Take time to recommend stellar colleagues. And when your colleagues get new jobs or celebrate work anniversaries, congratulate them!

Write and post informational articles. Of course, part of the purpose of LinkedIn is its ability to show the world your expertise on a subject. But to do that, you need to actually produce something. The best LinkedIn users write posts at least once a month on topics they’re knowledgeable in. Strive for clear, helpful articles that add value to those who might come across it. Always ask yourself: Would I read this?

If all of this sounds like more work than you have time for now, consider outsourcing development of a new LinkedIn profile, polishing an existing one or monthly article writing to a local copywriter or social media manager.

“If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur,” says Virgin Group founder and CEO Richard Branson, “you’ve got to learn to delegate.”

The professionals at PR Consulting in Bellingham, WA are LinkedIn experts. They can handle your account from top to bottom ― from ensuring you get a good photo taken to crafting regular posts and sharing them via your profile. Get in touch with them today.


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