How to start rebranding your small business

Not many companies can get away with maintaining one consistent brand identity as the competition and other businesses evolve around them (think Coca-Cola and Levi’s). Most businesses need to adapt to modern times and update their brand at some point.

According to, successful rebranding involves overhauling a company’s goals, message, and culture — not just changing a name or a logo.

Rebranding can also provide an opportunity to re-evaluate and refine the variety of products and services offered.

In some cases, rebranding doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. There may be ways to salvage some components and/or build off of an existing brand—reusing specific colors, a tagline or a portion of the original logo artwork are a few ways to incorporate old with new.

How to start the rebranding process.

If you have the resources, conducting a market survey can be a great way to get useful feedback about your brand.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • When was the last time your company freshened its brand? If the answer is “never”, now may be the right time.
  • Do you feel your existing packaging or marketing materials are fresh or traditional and dated? Who have you seen that’s doing a really good job packaging and marketing their brand? Can you take inspiration from them while still being original?
  • Are you staying relevant in the current marketplace, are profits down, would you benefit from trying to appeal to a new audience? Keep new audiences in mind during the rebranding process.

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Ask consumers, peers, friends and family for candid responses to these questions:

  • What do they think of your logo? Are the font and colors in your logo outdated? Do they have suggestions for improvement?
  • How does your existing brand compare to competitors? Which competitors do they feel are doing a better job with branding?
  • What products or services do they think you could add to the marketplace? What do they feel would be great additions to your company?

Rebranding takes time, money, creativity and commitment. You’ll want to make sure your goals and purpose are clearly communicated to all members of your team—they will play in important part in rolling out and promoting the new brand.

2016 McDonald’s Design Image Credit: McDonald’s

2013-15 McDonald’s Design Image Credit: McDonald’s

Even prosperous companies like McDonald’s updated their look!

2015 design was busy and wordy compared to the 2016 cleaner and bolder look

If you need a fresh set of eyes on your branding, hiring outside help can be worth it. You’ll save time and money in the long run when you partner with an agency on tasks like identifying targets, creating new marketing messages, choosing new branding colors and logo design.

PR Consulting can help established firms freshen up their look with new designs.  We can help with new logo concepts and/or rebranding projects. Contact us about any branding or rebranding questions you may have.

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