How to promote social media pages in your brick and mortar location

Social Media MarketingYour business’s social media pages should be an important extension of your brick and mortar location. Including links to social media pages on your website and in your email signature block is important, but it’s also key that customers who come to your physical location know they can connect with your business online.

Promoting social media pages in your brick and mortar location is essential because customers often use sites like Twitter or Facebook to ask employees questions—it’s often seen as being easier than picking up the phone. If your customers don’t know they can find you online, you’re wasting precious opportunities to stay connected with them after they leave your store – and you’re missing opportunities to entice them to return.

There are a lot of great ways to promote social media pages in your brick and mortar location. Here are 5 tips for marketing your social media pages in your place of business: 

1.)   Do you print invoices or receipts for your customers? If so, have your social media pages listed at the bottom. Keep it simple, such as:

“Find us here: and @yourbusinessTwitterhandle”

Social Media Marketing

Don’t forget to also list your website address and phone number on those receipts/invoices!

2.)  If you own a restaurant, include social media logos on your menus or print a small business card-sized handout that promotes your social pages – hand the card out to patrons in cash folders or have a stash on display next to your cash register.

3.)  Have signs around your shop that invite customers to “Like Us on Facebook to see what’s new and exciting in our store” or “Follow Us on Twitter for special offers and discounts”. Again, make sure your page name is clear on the signs so they can easily find your business online.

4.)  If you send out a newsletter (print or email), that’s prime real estate for promoting your social media pages. Don’t be afraid to list that information more than once within each newsletter to ensure people don’t miss it…but don’t overdo it either!

5.)  What’s one of the most effective ways to promote your social media sites? Business cards. Are you thinking, “How much information can I possibly fit on that tiny card?” A great design can have all the necessary business info, while still looking clean and professional.

There’s no need to try all of these at once. Pick which methods are most relevant to your business then work out a time frame to incorporate each of them. Setting aside a little time each week to work on growing your company’s social media following can greatly benefit your business. Stay consistent, stay engaged and stay positive. Your customers will thank you for it.

By Lindsey McGuirk, PR Consulting marketing specialist.

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