How to compete in the content marketing game

“Write longer posts–they get more views and engagement.”

“Use richer media, and they better be slick, or nobody will pay attention.”

Those are just two pieces of advice that are given quite often, according to a recent article in Maybe the message should be to slow down, find what is most successful with your demographic and do it well.

You can make your content stand out,
and it’s not through speed, length,
or even quality.
It’s by being different in a useful and meaningful way.
A marketing lesson from Malcolm Gladwell

Think about this: a business can’t expect to be distinguished or stand out from the crowd using the same marketing strategy everyone else in town is using.

Consider these three content marketing tips:

  • Make marketing content stand out, especially if you are a local small business. Don’t try to replicate or complete with a bigger business’ marketing attempts. Find what works best for your niche, or better yet-what gaps need to be filled then go forth and aim to be better in those areas than your competition.
  • IMG_1109Share relevant content. Is what you are writing about or posting providing value to your prospective and current customer base? Example: a realtor posting about pet care or financial planning tips is not great. Page
    followers will be confused by why that type of information is shared on a real estate Facebook Page (that’s not why they chose to follow your page) so they will be less likely to interact with those posts. Sharing information about current listings, landscaping tips for new construction or first-time buyer strategies would be more meaningful info to share on a real estate agent’s business page.
  • Separate yourself. It can be overwhelming to try to keep up on social media options and the variety of marketing platforms available. The good news is that you don’t have to use them all, and marketers can pick-and-choose what will work best for their business/industry.

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