Graphic Design Tip: Leave “WWW.” off the front of your website address

Visual space on business cards, brochures, company vehicles and even branded t-shirts is valuable real estate. The more visually cluttered your design is, the more likely consumer’s eyes will glaze over and skip reading what you’re trying to present.

One very easy way to simplify graphic design for a brand is to stop using “WWW.” when sharing your company’s website address. Those characters are no longer needed for people to find your business online.

Here’s a quick example to prove the point:

  1. We typed into our search browser and were taken directly to this page.

Image 1 - pattirowlson dot com

  1. We typed into our search browser and were taken directly to the same page.

Image 2 - www dot pattirowlson dot com

  1. We typed PR Consulting, Bellingham and the first item in the search results was our website.

Image 3 - patti rowlson consulting

Now, try it for yourself. Type your company’s website address into a search browser (like Google or Bing) without “WWW..

Next, try typing your company’s website address with “WWW.” in front of it. You should see the same results.

Lastly, try entering just the name of your business and the town your office is in into the search browser. Your company’s website should be first on the list.

You should see that consumers really don’t need much information to find your business online when they are searching by your company name.

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We can help polish up your brand and even help manage online reviews.

That’s it! Now you can go forth and create visually simplified ads for your business that still do what they are intended to do—help consumers find your business on and offline. And if you’re looking for a Bellingham or Lynden graphic designer to offer assistance, please get in touch!

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