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April 10, 2014

Bronkema Auction & Appraisal Services“When talking with folks about downsizing from a family home, one thing comes up over and over again – that is the fear of physically sorting through all their belongings and getting rid of things they don’t want or need,” says Terry Bronkema, Certified Estate Specialist and owner of Bronkema Auction Service.

With that in mind, Bronkema recently added new senior moving services to his auction and appraisal business that are designed to help Baby Boomers and their families during this unique transition time.

Using a blend of professional appraisal, moving and auctioneering services, Bronkema’s team is able to sort, pack, move, and set everything up in their client’s new home – whether they are moving to a smaller property, an assisted living facility or into the home of a loved one.

Terry Bronkema, Bronkema Auction Service

During the downsizing process Bronkema Auction Service can also asses the value of unwanted belongings and sell them on behalf of the client. The extra income is often shared with family or used to offset the cost of relocating.

“We leave the property ‘broom ready’ including garages and any outbuildings. This allows seniors to quickly put their home on the market, or hand the property off to new owners. It is our goal to make the whole downsizing and moving process as simple and stress-free as possible for seniors and their loved ones.”

Upon arrival at his client’s new home, Bronkema said his team goes so far as to hang pictures, stock the pantry, display collectables and set up all the little things that make a house a home.

“We know personal items, family photos, antiques and collectables are very important to seniors – we take extra measures to make sure treasured items are taken care of during the move and placed right where our clients want to see them.”

In addition to senior moving services, Bronkema also helps people in estate disbursement situations. When a loved one passes away he works with family members, attorneys and accountants to successfully navigate the process which can include helping to legally clear the estate and prepare for an auction sale of property.

“We’ve all heard a friend talk about their parent’s place and not being able to imagine what it will take to clean out decade’s worth of collecting. It’s our goal to be a helpful and affordable resource to those families.”

Learn more about downsizing and senior moving services in Whatcom County by calling 360-966-7517 or visiting Bronkema Auction Service online at http://bronkemaauctionandappraisalservices.com/ (website under maintenance) 

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