Featured Business: In Depth Investigation

November 6, 2014

James Brown Private InvestigationWe recently had the privilege of working with James Brown of In Depth Investigation, a private investigating business right here in Whatcom County.

James is a retired law enforcement officer (LAPD), Washington State licensed private investigator and a trained polygraph examiner – we think that’s very cool!

Through his Bellingham PI company, James conducts both corporate and personal investigations. His services include everything from courtroom support for lawyers to investigation of internal theft for businesses and background checks for a variety of purposes. He also helps individuals prove their innocence in criminal cases.

James is compassionate and confidential in his work, as he understands how personal each case can be to his clients.

Working with James to freshen up his small business website was a wonderful experience. He is hands-down one of the nicest and most pleasant people you’ll meet – qualities that would clearly be an advantage when dealing with delicate investigative cases.

Should you or your business ever need an affordable and compassionate private investigator, consider contacting James Brown!



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