Featured business: As the decades go by, CHCC continues to innovate

July 4, 2018

Christian Health Care Center in Lynden has been around for decades — since 1956, in fact — and these many years later has not ceased to innovate. CHCC is always pushing to make things better for residents, patients, staff and community members.

A scroll through some of the news from CHCC over the past year is evidence of that customer- and community-service mindset. Consider some of these important recent happenings at the Lynden healthcare center:

  • CHCC’s program to reduce antibiotic usage is responsive to national health concerns. According to the Centers for Disease Control, up to 70 percent of residents in nursing homes nationwide receive antibiotics. Abundant use of antibiotics can lead to a decrease in effectiveness. “Antibiotic resistance has been a significant problem for healthcare facilities around the world in recent years,” says Heather Lewis, CHCC’s director of nursing. “We’re working with our medical director, consultant pharmacist and the local and state health department to take steps that will fix that.”
  • CHCC made a commitment to using music therapy to help improve the lives of many residents. “I’ve seen people feeling less pain after implementing music at a specific tempo,” says one volunteer who plays music regularly for residents. “I’ve seen people with dementia reconnect with their memories, since most people have certain music that is associated with their specific memories.”
  • The powerful care transitions program has helped more than 500 people go from the hospital to rehab and back to life as they knew it — and, most importantly, not have to return to the hospital. Not only has the program led to a savings for the Medicare system of more than $1.6 million in unspent hospital charges, but it has made a whole lot of people more confident in their abilities to manage their own health at home.
  • CHCC’s training classes for nursing assistants provide much-needed help for the local workforce in its attempts to meet current and future medical needs in Whatcom County. And not only that, but CHCC’s nursing assistant training program has been named among the best in the state of Washington.
  • CHCC’s volunteer program provides meaningful opportunities for people who want to make a difference in Lynden. The center’s residents are always happy to see volunteers helping with meals and activities, singing songs at Sunday worship, or providing one-on-one visits with long-term care patients.

These examples and many more are evidence that Christian Health Care Center, no matter how long it’s been in business, recognizes the need to stay attentive and responsive to the needs of its residents, patients, staff and the greater Lynden community. That’s a good lesson in customer service and innovation for all of us in the business world.

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