Featured Business: TouchStone Behavioral Health expands in Whatcom County

Behavioral health counseling can be an amazing help in times of crisis, but it also works wonders even when things are going well. We could all stand to learn more about ourselves and our interactions with others, right? That would make the world a better place.

That’s one reason we’re excited to be working with TouchStone Behavioral Health.

TouchStone, with offices in Blaine and Ferndale, has licensed behavioral health counselors who welcome all who feel alone or hopeless; who are unsure how to deal with family crisis; or who already recognize the benefits of a caring behavioral health counselor.

ferndale-officeIt’s a welcoming and safe place to explore new ways to cope and to learn how people’s past experiences have shaped their daily functioning. With a variety of expertise, their counselors can help patients overcome challenges — adjustment issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and more — or better understand themselves and their motivations to improve life all around.

Another reason we’re excited to mention TouchStone is that they’re expanding, growing and hiring. Because TouchStone does such a wonderful job filling a need here in Whatcom County, they’re hiring a number of new staff members. In fact, they’re holding a big career fair Nov. 1 in Fairhaven.

Not only do they have a need for full-time counselors, TouchStone also offers free supervised experience for associate licensed counselors and post-doctoral counselors. Partnering with a larger practice, with more than one location, can put counselors on a faster track to completing state licensing requirements for 3,200 supervised experience hours. At TouchStone, counselors will have access to a variety of licensed therapists and can work up to full-time.

Multiple openings also are available for interns looking for experience in medical reception, medical billing, health information technology, and office administration.

The career fair will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal at 355 Harris Ave. in Fairhaven.

If you’re looking for employment in a behavioral health office, or for a place to fulfill licensing requirements in behavioral health counseling, the TouchStone team would love to see you there! This is a great opportunity to join a dynamic, growing team doing top-notch work to serve the Bellingham and Whatcom County communities. If it feeds your soul to help others, then TouchStone is the place to be.

If your small business is hiring, give PR Consulting’s recruitment marketing division a call! We work with companies in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden and throughout Whatcom County who could use a little boost in bringing talented, passionate employees on board.

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