Featured Business: Take My Hand At-Home Care helps seniors “age in place”

October 23, 2014

Take My Hand at Home CareAs senior citizens get older, tough decisions have to be made about where they are going to live – and there are a lot of options.

Some seniors move into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Some move into a retirement center or transition into a family member’s home. Some choose to live in their own home with the help of professional caregivers – this allows elders to be comfortable and independent. This is called aging in place.

Aging in place is a term used quite a lot these days, especially as Baby Boomers go through the natural aging process. Today’s seniors are more independent and active then ever; they often don’t want to burden their children by moving in with them…and they want to live life on their own terms and on their own schedule for as long as possible.

Companion care services, like those offered by  Take My Hand at Home Care in Lynden, WA can be an affordable and flexible option for seniors who want to age in place. It’s like assisted living at home where you only pay for the amount of care needed (from 3 hours per visit to 24 hour long-term care).

Sue Sorensen. ThinkBiz 2011. Bellingham, WA. © 2011 Mark TurnerProfessional caregivers offer services that are completely customized and specialized for each individual’s needs and unique living situation. Caregiver services can be provided in single family homes, condos and apartment buildings – they can even be provided to seniors living in retirement homes or assisted living facilities!

Those that are uncertain about what type of care a senior needs should check in with Sue Sorensen, owner of Take My Hand At-Home Care.

Take My Hand offers complimentary home assessments to help determine what care needs might be for potential clients. Sue is a wealth of information when it comes to Medicare, Medicaid and other forms of insurance that may help cover the cost of help at home.

In-Home EldercareSome topics that are addressed during the home assessment include home safety, discussion of daily routines and personal preferences, transportation needs, and an overall check to see if caregiver services are a viable option.

If you, a parent, grandparent or other elderly loved one needs brief respite care, short- or long-term care, consider talking with Take My Hand At-Home Care. This eldercare business is locally owned and operated by a team of caring people.

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