Featured Business: Hudson Remodeling helps families love the home they’re in

Generally speaking, there are three ways to acquire your dream home: 1) Build it yourself (an expensive, long-term proposition), 2) buy it from someone with the same tastes as you (let’s face it, what are the odds?) or 3) remodel your existing home until it’s exactly the way you want it.

lakeside-custom-entertainment-deckGiven the tight housing market in Whatcom County, buying is a tough sell. Not only are prices rising, but homes are going quickly. Great homes are out there, but competition is fierce, and the odds that you’ll get the perfect home are pretty small. And anyway, chances are good that you’ll want to tweak a few things once you’ve moved in.

If that’s the case, why not skip the whole buying process entirely and instead opt to remodel your existing home?

Over the years, you’ve probably outgrown your home or have gotten tired of dealing with its many small inadequacies. But a good list of the pros and cons of your current home can help you decide whether to stay or go.

Hudson Remodeling, with decades of experience creating dream homes throughout Whatcom County, is a great place to start. Charlie Hudson launched Hudson Remodeling back in 1993 because he loves the process of helping his friends and neighbors truly love the homes they’re in.

In creating your list of pros and cons, look at the following considerations and then give Charlie Hudson a call if you decide to take the remodeling route.

paver-driveway-and-custom-carportConsider the location. It’s one of the most important considerations, so if you love where you are, that’s huge.

Consider your neighbors. You can’t pick them, so if you’ve enjoyed chatting over the fence with your current neighbors, that’s a big plus, too.

Consider your yard. Look especially at the things you can’t change vs. the things you can. If it’s a great size but is merely lacking charm and appeal, chances are a professional facelift — a barbecue patio here, a new deck there — will make all the difference.

Consider your bones. Well, not your bones. Your house’s bones. Most homes in Bellingham and throughout Whatcom County were built to last. Sure, your home may be a century old, but chances are it’s as solid as they come. Homes like these are great candidates for remodeling projects to turn them from drab and dated houses into dream homes. A talented remodeler can help you reconfigure your home for better flow and function.

Consider the market. It’s not a bad market for buyers right now, but it’s still a seller’s market. The timing isn’t ideal to be buying if you don’t have to. Even if you don’t plan to live in your current home forever, remodeling it will make it more comfortable until you do sell. And it’ll make it more attractive to future buyers.

kitchen-remodel-bellingham-waConsider your criteria. What is it that makes you want a new home? Do you wish you had a larger master bathroom? Are you jealous of your friend’s gorgeous kitchen? (Be honest.) A good home remodeler can consult with you on your wish list and help you see whether these are possibilities in your current home.

Once you’ve decided to turn your beloved house into the home you’ve always wanted, why not consider calling Hudson Remodeling? They take great pride in designing and crafting projects to reflect their clients’ visions, utilizing their remodeling talent to make customers’ dreams come true. Visit their website to view galleries of their award-winning work or read testimonials from previous customers.


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