Featured Business: Custom Concrete Contracting installs eco-friendly paved surfaces

February 19, 2016

Dave JohnsonWhen owner Dave Johnson was asked what the most enjoyable part of owning Custom Concrete Contracting Inc. is his answer was: “My daily interaction with people, and knowing we’re leaving our mark in a positive way around Whatcom County. Our crews take great pride in building things that look great and last.”

Custom Concrete ContractingOne area of his business that has evolved in recent years relates to an eco-friendly paving material called pervious concrete—Custom Concrete has installed it at private residences and in public places including sidewalks in Bellingham’s Bloedel Donovan Park, the Washington State ferry terminal in Anacortes and on a City of Bellingham street near Lake Whatcom.

What exactly is pervious concrete? According to Wikipedia, pervious concrete (also called porous concrete, permeable concrete, no fines concrete and porous pavement) is a special mix of highly porous concrete used for flatwork applications. It is a paved surface that allows water (rain, snow, irrigation, stormwater) to pass directly through, thereby reducing the runoff from a site and allowing water to return to aquifers.

Finished_project--pervious_concrete_installation_in_Bellingham_WAHere are some of the awesome benefits of installing pervious concrete:

  • It evenly disburses water and reduces untreated runoff from entering into storm sewer systems.
  • It improves safety by preventing puddling (and icy) conditions on sidewalks, patios and residential driveways.
  • It cuts down on the need for irrigation by allowing rainwater to pass through and reach tree roots & surrounding landscape.
  • It returns groundwater to local aquifers in a way that’s good for the environment.
  • Did we mention that it’s a concrete product AND it’s eco-friendly?
  • Check out more benefits of pervious concrete here!

Custom Concrete’s scope of work includes installing pervious concrete at businesses throughout Northwest Washington.

They also build residential patios for outdoor entertaining, create sidewalks that improve public safety, pour foundations for new construction, and build incredible retaining walls that help homeowners fix drainage issues and reclaim usable land.

Learn more about pervious concrete through these articles, or by contacting CCC’s owner Dave Johnson.

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