Featured business: Christian Health Care Center is a top-notch facility striving to be even better

June 6, 2017

A business has never been around for so long that it can’t innovate and try new things. Christian Health Care Center knows that.

The skilled nursing and rehabilitation center was founded in 1956, and over the years it has provided top-quality, compassionate care to thousands of Lynden and Whatcom County seniors.

That care is and always will be CHCC’s top priority. And it’s because of that emphasis that CHCC’s leaders have spent so much time lately developing new programs: They want to ensure a secure future for the center’s residents and their family members.

Here’s a perfect example: Given the growing need for high-quality care providers, CHCC has built a highly regarded education system that trains Nursing Assistants-Certified for careers serving those who need them. In 2017, CHCC’s nursing assistant training program was named one of the best in the state. Demand for entry into the free training program has been so great that they recently added an additional nursing assistant training class set to begin in July.

So in addition to caring for residents, the folks at CHCC are doing an amazing job training future generations of caregivers. Whether those NACs end up working at CHCC or elsewhere, CHCC is rolling out well-trained nursing assistants, and that benefits all of Whatcom County — and beyond.

Of course, many of the graduates of the NAC program do end up working at CHCC. And when they do, the facility’s directors want to ensure that they — along with all of CHCC’s employees — are able to participate in how things are run.

To that end, CEO Patrick O’Neill has been spearheading a communication program that both keeps employees informed and ensures that they have outlets for providing feedback. It has worked well because everyone — CEO and custodial staff, nurses and NACs — is committed to upholding CHCC’s primary mission: addressing and meeting the needs of patients, residents, clients and their families.

“Our employees and residents have always said we do a phenomenal job of providing a full spectrum of care,” O’Neill said in a recent interview. “And part of that is always striving to improve, no matter how well things are going.”

That’s what you get at CHCC: A top-notch facility that constantly is striving to be even better. Whether it’s training nursing assistants to meet a rapidly growing need for care providers, or whether it’s carefully listening to feedback from staff, residents and family, CHCC is committed to doing the best it can to meet the therapeutic rehabilitation and long-term care needs of the elderly in Whatcom County.

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