Featured business: Bostec Inc.

April 4, 2017

Here’s an interesting stat to ponder: Seventy-five percent of adults who use illegal drugs have jobs.

Not surprisingly, this is a frightening prospect for human resource managers everywhere. Especially when it comes to employees with dangerous jobs or who are responsible for the safety of others, it’s critical that drugs not interfere with a worker’s ability to function.

That’s where Bostec Inc. of Lynden, WA comes in.

More than 200 companies rely on Bostec for assistance with their workplace drug testing programs. Bostec founder, Rich Bosman, has 25 years of experience with the Washington State Patrol and an additional 20 years of experience running his business.

The combination has given him an incredible amount of knowledge of the ins and outs of drug-testing regulations.

Bostec is particularly adept at helping businesses regulated by the federal Department of Transportation, which has specific drug-testing requirements. It’s a constantly changing world, and Bostec stays abreast of those changes so HR staff don’t have to.

Bostec also helps organizations not legally required to test for drugs ― those especially susceptible to drug-related safety issues ― implement workplace drug programs that help improve safety and job performance. It’s more than just buying a test and calling an employee’s name, though. Federal and state governments have myriad laws that govern what’s permissible in workplace drug testing, and Bostec helps businesses navigate those waters.

And since Bosman is an Intoximeters Master Trainer, he also helps companies throughout the PNW set up and manage breath-alcohol testing programs.

Bostec also works hard to support the law enforcement community by providing testing supplies they can use in an office setting or out in the field.

Through its online store, Bostec sells breath-alcohol testing equipment to law enforcement agencies throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Through the company’s efforts to help businesses conduct workplace drug and alcohol testing, to train human resources managers to conduct their own tests, and to provide law enforcement with breath-alcohol testing supplies, Bostec has had a substantial positive effect on the Pacific Northwest for two decades.

For help or advice with your own workplace drug- and alcohol-testing programs, contact Bostec or stop by their store on Guide Meridian Road in Lynden. The office is open from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday.

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