Featured Business: Bostec Inc. provides drug testing supplies and education

April 28, 2016

Lynden, WA is a bustling community these days! It seems new restaurants and shops are opening every day and people from all over Whatcom County are heading to Lynden to check out what it has to offer now. What they may not know is that there have been awesome businesses doing cool things in Lynden all along, like Bostec Inc.bostechorizontal-460x163

Bostec Inc., tucked in the shopping center on the NE corner of Guide Meridian and Kok Road, has been doing great things in Lynden since 1997.

The company provides law enforcement agencies in Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Idaho with high quality evidential breath alcohol testing instruments and supplies.

They also help more than 200 companies manage workplace drug testing programs—basically helping businesses that are regulated by the Department of Transportation comply with policy requirements and random drug testing programs.  Bostec also helps non-DOT regulated companies set up Drug Free Work Place programs that improve public safety and reduce liability.

Need a Whatcom County location for random drug tests? Bostec Inc. in Lynden can help!

Rich Bosman, owner of Bostec Inc. is certified to train breath alcohol technicians on the Alco Sensor IV, RBTIV, Alco Sensor IV with Memory, Alco Sensor IV at Work, the Alcomonitor CC, Alco Sensor VXL, and RBTVXL. Learn more about these products and technician training programs here.

One area of the business that has seen growth recently is that of drug testing for home use—like parents working hard to help their teenagers kick drug habits. They advocate for family-based treatment approaches that include random drug screenings at home or at Bostec’s Lynden office.

Suburban heroin use is on the rise in Washington. Learn more!

Bostec is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m for testing, advice and supplies. Consumers can also purchase workplace, law enforcement and home use drug and alcohol testing supplies online via their website, http://bostec.com/, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you want to know more recent trends in drug use or just general awareness of drugs and alcohol, their blog is up to date and super informative.

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