Do you have time for a marketing review?

The actor Jeff Bridges tells a great parable about ten apes, one banana and a whole lot of confused unhappiness. The upshot of the story is this:

Don’t do things a certain way just because that’s how you learned to do it. Always ask yourself: “Why am I doing this? What is my goal, and is this the best/most efficient/most effective way to get there?”

This is a major concept in marketing, and it’s particularly important because the rules and tools are changing all the time. For example: Niche social media sites are the new “in” platform (but so were Peach, Path and Ello). Should you sign up?

No matter what marketing tools you use — social media, print flyers, Facebook ads, word of mouth, skywriting, whatever — it’s important to audit your business now and again to gauge the effectiveness of your methods and to consider new methods that you might not have fully considered yet. And when you’re done with that (and here’s an equally critical step), it’s important to adjust future plans to accommodate these new methods.

You might be surprised at how many great ideas die on the vine for lack of implementation.

But first things first: When starting your comprehensive marketing review, here are a few common pain points to look at right off the bat:

  • Consistency of voice, visual image and overall brand identity. Do marketing efforts across all channels look and sound like they belong to your business?
  • Identification of audience and proper targeting of your website, social media and other marketing to that audience.
  • Regular creation of fresh and unique content such as blog posts, social media posts (and responses) and print collateral.
  • Preparation — weeks in advance, not the day before — for upcoming events, with necessary print materials such as business cards, brochures, flyers and signage.

If you’re long on desire but short on time (we know that time for small-business owners is at a premium), consider hiring PR Consulting to conduct a marketing review.

Our team can help figure out what else you could be doing and what you can stop doing because it just isn’t working. Hiring a local marketing consultant can save you money, increase the quality of interaction between you and your customers, and, quite probably, help you feel better about the work you do.

Whether you’re an established company  looking for ongoing guidance that ensures your best foot is always forward, or a startup businesses seeking a pro to assist in setting your brand up right, our Bellingham marketing firm can help.

We offer expertise in public relations, graphic design, writing, content creation and social media management, and we have the experience to identify opportunities in any marketing plan. Evaluating existing marketing methods for effectiveness can save time and money that can be reinvested in new ways.

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