Copywriting and Editing

Local business leaders turn to PR Consulting when they need help communicating with stakeholders — consumers, staff, media, the general public, etc. They find great relief in knowing that the messages they send will be error-free and that key documents will be thoughtfully written with clarity and with branding, public relations and SEO in mind.

Retaining the services of a local PR and communications team means that you will have the help you need in these areas:

  • crafting on-point messaging, PR and branding;
  • writing executive letters and corporate communications;
  • editing the work of others (you or members of your team) before it becomes public-facing;
  • communications during a crisis, including planning and implementation;
  • creating compelling job summaries and recruitment ads;
  • copywriting for your website that pays close attention to SEO techniques;
  • blogging and management of your company’s news page;
  • status updates for social media sites;
  • developing and publishing email campaigns;
  • marketing messaging for print and online advertisements;
  • drafting media releases; and
  • much more!

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PR Consulting can provide editing services for writing done by you or your team before it is viewed by the public. For an example of our editing work in Whatcom County, see the July/August 2020 issue of Business Pulse magazine.

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