Other business pros just like you have landed on this page. They, too, were seeking advice about developing marketing strategies, choosing the right marketing tools, improving results with social media marketing, establishing or leveraging their personal brand and raising brand awareness in general. They, too, were looking for ways to grow their business.

You’ve come to the right place.

Consulting with our Bellingham marketing team helps businesses of all size, from mom and pop operations to larger corporations. We offer marketing consulting services to:

  • Established companies looking for ongoing assistance and guidance that ensures your best foot is always forward. Are you looking for regular, consistent marketing advice – a marketing partner who will help guide your business and help market your products and services month-after-month? Do you need someone who will be an accountability partner, or someone who you can delegate to that will get things done? Bellingham PR & Communications!
  • Startup businesses that want to hire a pro to help set their brand up right, from the very beginning. Are you looking for advice about logo design or project management for your new website? Need a graphic design team to create business cards and promotional brochures? Need help setting up social media marketing tools or promoting your grand opening event? Bellingham PR & Communications can help!

Let’s talk! Contact Bellingham PR & Communications today to discuss how hiring a local marketing pro can help your business.

“Our clients often report a feeling of relief when they hire Bellingham PR & Communications. They appreciate having someone they trust that they can call for advice and coaching, and they love being able to delegate tasks they don’t have the time or confidence to complete. Knowing that we’re making the lives of local business owners easier, while also helping the local business economy grow and thrive, is why we do what we do.”

Patti Rowlson

Founder, Bellingham PR & Communications (formerly PR Consulting)

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