Client News: PeaceHealth partners with Christian Health Care Center to offer free transition support

April 7, 2012

Dotty Marston, outreach coordinator

Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) recently partnered with Health Ministries Network, an extension of PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, to provide complimentary healthcare support to senior citizens recovering from an injury or illness.

Representatives from both organizations worked together to develop a customized care transition program that helps patients return home as safely as possible after receiving medical treatment.  The new program was modeled after the work of Dr. Eric Coleman, Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado.

“Studies have shown that providing additional support during transition times can reduce the chances of re-injury and re-admittance to the hospital by up to 30%,” reports Dick Cathell, Ph.D., administrative liaison of Health Ministries Network and St. Joseph Medical Center.

Eligible patients returning home from CHCC’s rehab program are offered the opportunity to receive personal visits from Faith Community Nurses (FCN) including one at the healthcare center prior to discharge, one in their own home and several phone calls over a 3-4 week period.

FCNs are professionally registered nurses.  They help patients and their loved ones advocate for their personal needs, monitor the recovery process, prepare for follow up visits with medical professionals, navigate the complicated health care system, and provide support with medication management.

“Christian Health Care Center is an early-adapter when it comes to preventative health and wellness; they are currently the only care facility in our region that offers free transitional support. While unique now, we believe care centers across the nation will soon offer programs like ours to their patients,” adds Cathell.

Those interested in learning more about care transition services at Christian Health Care Center are encouraged to visit or call their social services department at 360-354-4434.

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