Featured Business: Custom Concrete builds a future

January 30, 2017

Skilled trade workers are in short supply. The next 15 years, in fact, are expected to be marked by a general labor shortage in the United States, which might be bad news for employers but perhaps great news for anyone looking to begin a career right out of high school.

For one thing, as the shortage continues, companies are providing more on-the-job training for some entry-level work, meaning that trade careers are often easier to get into.

Add to that the fact that many skilled trades companies are expanding as the economy picks up speed, partly owing to the confidence that comes from knowing that the world will always need skilled, hard-working tradespeople.

Custom Concrete Contracting is one such company. 2017 marks their 20th year in the business, and in that time they’ve built a reputation for high-quality work that’s on time and on budget — “done right the first time,” as they like to say. Because Custom Concrete is well-respected in the field, business is booming, and the Bellingham, WA company is taking on more work — and more workers.

Quick start trade careers.

No college education is required for entry-level work at CCC; salaries start at $30,000 to $40,000 per year and go up as workers get more experienced.

“A strong work ethic and being able to cope with the physical demands of this job are traits that benefit people wanting to work in the concrete industry,” said Dave Johnson, owner of Custom Concrete Contracting.

Much like a college education, laborer jobs in the trades are investments in the future. Concrete construction work can be a lifelong trade, and skills transfer from state to state. A hard-working concrete laborer is highly employable anywhere in the United States. Plus, the education can be free; concrete laborers often work their way up in the industry, receiving on-the-job training and mentorship from experienced concrete contractors.

Opportunity for job growth.

But it’s not just entry-level work that’s needed. Custom Concrete also has a position open for a crew leader with three or more years of concrete experience. The position is perfect for a concrete worker with experience finishing concrete and managing small crews. The crew leader job provides an opportunity to grow in skills, responsibility and income.

“Concrete work is one of those few careers that affords work outdoors among a brotherhood of fellow concrete workers who take pride in their work. At Custom Concrete, workers hold each other to high standards and enjoy growing and bonding together as they improve their communities in ways they can be proud of,” says Dave.

If you take pride in your work, have a strong work ethic and you’ve been looking for a career that offers steady work, great pay and camaraderie, reach out to Custom Concrete Contracting today to learn about current job openings.

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