Featured business: Building personal connections through online staff bios

October 3, 2018
Patti Rowlson and Matthew Anderson, 2018.

Here in friendly Whatcom County, customers appreciate personal touches. Rather than nameless, faceless and sterile businesses, they’d often rather communicate with the warm and kind people who actually make up the company.

With that in mind, how well would you say your customers know you? When they think of your company, do they think of the smiling front-desk attendant, the kind delivery drivers or the helpful field workers?

Companies are made up of people, and — especially when yours is a small business in a community like Bellingham, Lynden or Ferndale — it’s those people who will be interacting personally with customers.

One way Whatcom small-business owners might consider introducing their employees to potential customers is on their websites, through staff profiles, employee bios and “about us” pages.

Staff profiles and employee bios

Hudson Remodeling’s Dave James, who’s read all of the Lord of the Rings books, loves gummy bears and is a self-proclaimed Game of Thrones geek.

Hudson Remodeling, a Whatcom County contractor working in home construction and remodeling, recently began interviewing its employees and posting their quirky reactions to fun questions online.

After all, when Whatcom or Skagit homeowners hire Hudson to remodel their kitchens and living rooms, they’re making a big commitment by inviting Hudson’s workers into their homes. So Hudson, for its part, decided that customers deserved a chance to get familiar with its employees before they came over to start the work.

It’s a new initiative, but the results have been pretty fun so far. This Q&A with lead carpenter Dave James, for example, helps transform him from an all-business worker to a fun family man who loves gummy bears and Lord of the Rings and who helped his dad hang sheetrock in the former Lakeway Inn in Bellingham. Kinda makes you more likely to want to work with him, right?

Staff bios are also online for PR Consulting’s team members. Not only do you get to see what we look like and what we’re good at, but you also learn a little bit more about what matters to us and why we are who we are.

When you begin a business relationship, it can be helpful to already have a personal connection to build on. When Dave from Hudson Remodeling walks through your front door to lay plans for demolishing your old bathroom, you already have some personal info you can use to get the conversation going: Ask him about his favorite Game of Thrones episode, maybe, or what happened to his old Dodge Ram 50 pickup.

To help personalize your business in the community, you might want to consider the value of employee bios or Q&A posts, like Hudson Remodeling is doing. If you could use help with that, PR Consulting’s team of business copywriters is here to make the process of publishing great online content simple for you.

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