Featured business: Bostec – a steady force adaptable to change

March 7, 2018

Running a small business is all about flexibility and adaptability. To do well, one must keep an eye on the market and an ear to the ground, ready to adjust to any major changes in the market. Successful businesses listen to customers and attempt to meet their needs as soon as they arise.

Of course, one can’t be always changing. Another important part of success is consistency: regularly providing top-notch service that people in the community can rely on, year after year.

Bostec Inc., in Lynden, embodies both of these principles.

For more than two decades, Bostec has provided assistance with workplace drug testing programs to companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. Today, more than 200 companies rely on Bostec for testing, training, supplies and setting up programs and policies that help companies operate drug-free workplaces.

To thrive in this business, though, Bostec also has had to show a remarkable capacity for change.

Take, for example, the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington state. The changing laws threw a number of wrenches into the workplace drug-testing field. In response, Bostec has adjusted training, written new drug-free workplace policies and amended advice to business owners who want to keep workplaces safe and legal while navigating differences between state and federal law.

Or consider recent local needs for fingerprinting services. Bostec recognized a need among Lynden schools and North Whatcom County real estate agents, who previously had limited local options for fingerprinting, some even having to drive to Skagit County for the service. So Bostec decided to offer fingerprinting at its Lynden office, which is a convenient option for folks in Whatcom County who need the service to fulfill requirements for background checks and licensing.

Bostec also has a web store that it developed as a response to a need among law enforcement officers, municipal organizations and companies to ensure they have the products they need to conduct on-the-job alcohol testing. Another need, another solution.

Growing as a business often requires consistent updates to the products and services your company provides. We’ve seen that here at PRC, too. The management of a company’s online presence has become a much more important part of business PR, for example. Facebook advertising grows and changes, too, with every update Facebook makes to its timeline algorithm. New avenues needing exploration are constantly popping up on our radar.

Just like the businesses we serve, we’ve got to keep evolving, or the work we do would become irrelevant in no time. That’s why we have a continuous improvement mindset around here! We’re always learning, always testing and exploring.

It’s an important but fun challenge! If your Bellingham or Whatcom business needs a market-driven update, feel free to give PR Consulting a call to discuss how we can help. We always have our ears attuned to changes in the local business community, and we’d be happy to help figure out what you need and what works in your industry.



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