Tips for Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media Management in Bellingham, WA

Benefits of getting help locally with recruitment

“Recruitment marketing takes time, and we know that being short-staffed means you probably don’t have extra time, or energy, to spend on recruitment marketing. Outsourcing recruitment marketing and advertising is a great option.” Patti Rowlson, founder, PR Consulting...

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Five things to do now for website improvement

Updating a website is no longer as simple as hopping onto Wordpress and making occasional text changes. In this world of SEO, structured data and website security, even WordPress websites that once were very user-friendly have gotten more complicated. These...

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Facebook contests: What are the rules?

If you’ve been using social media to engage your customers for any length of time, you probably remember the days when running Facebook contests was a confusing morass of rules, restrictions and third-party apps with bewildering interfaces. Back in the day, Facebook...

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A man and woman are conducting a job interview across a small outdoor table.

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