Tips for Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media Management in Bellingham, WA

Build your team, get stuff done

As a small business leader, you wear many hats – business development, sales, marketing, accounting, and more. You’ve probably noticed that some of those tasks are challenging, like you’re not naturally good at them. That’s totally normal; you’re not alone with those...

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How to find images for your website

Where did the images on your website or blog come from? If your answer is “I don’t know,” or “We copied them from Google,” then you are at risk of being sued for copyright infringement. This is a legal process that can cost your business hundreds or even thousands of...

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Tips for better grammar and error-free writing

Effective business communication is clear and concise. Whether you’re writing emails, marketing material, ad copy or blog posts, professional writing needs to be free of errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling. When mistakes slip in, the credibility and...

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Benefits of getting help locally with recruitment

“Recruitment marketing takes time, and we know that being short-staffed means you probably don’t have extra time, or energy, to spend on recruitment marketing. Outsourcing recruitment marketing and advertising is a great option.” Patti Rowlson, founder, PR Consulting...

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