Tips for Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media Management in Bellingham, WA

Bostec: a steady force adaptable to change

Running a small business is all about flexibility and adaptability. To do well, one must keep an eye on the market and an ear to the ground, ready to adjust to any major changes in the market. Successful businesses listen to customers and attempt to meet their needs...

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Graphic Design tips for marketing your small business

Marketing materials are a form of communication. It’s important that they reflect your business in the best light and are consistent with your visual brand. With graphic design software easily available at our fingertips, more businesses than ever are creating their...

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Networking meetup in Bellingham: March 6, 2018

Mix, mingle and meet some cool and interesting business pros in Bellingham! Meetups provide an opportunity to practice positive networking and to work on building fresh and new relationships with people doing business in our community. Networking meetups are also a...

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