Tips for Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media Management in Bellingham, WA

Carve out more time with three simple tips

By Patti Rowlson A business peer once mentioned that they received more than a hundred emails a day and that they hit the delete button on most of them. Some of the emails came from blogs they had subscribed to in recent years. The content was no longer valuable so...

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The secret to error-free marketing content

Does this sound familiar? You just spent three hours crafting the perfect marketing email for your tourism-related business in Bellingham. You created some snazzy visuals to go along with the messaging – quotes from happy travelers who loved your business. You made...

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How to save money on marketing: Be nice!

By Patti Rowlson How do people describe you and/or your business when you’re not around? Do they use words like friendly, warm and inviting? Or, do they use words like arrogant, frustrating, swindler? Your reputation impacts how much money you must spend on marketing....

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How to successfully outsource marketing

Marketing is hard. Knowing which tools to use is hard. Finding the right staff with the right skill set is hard. Heck, sometimes all the things feel hard, right? You are probably reading this article because you’ve found it hard to manage marketing tasks in-house. Now...

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