“Recruitment marketing takes time, and we know that being short-staffed means you probably don’t have extra time, or energy, to spend on recruitment marketing. Outsourcing recruitment marketing and advertising is a great option.” Patti Rowlson, founder, PR Consulting

What happens when one of your key employees gives notice, or when your business is growing and you need additional help?

It takes time to write a descriptive and inviting job ad and manage the ad postings for online job boards, your website and social media platforms. All of this — in addition to reviewing the resumes and interviewing applicants — can be overwhelming. Where will you find the time?

PR Consulting can help. We’re experienced at helping large and small businesses in Whatcom County with recruitment marketing, working independently or alongside in-house human resources teams to help bring qualified candidates to your door.

A writing notebook lies open next to a silver laptop. A pair of reading glasses and a pen sit on the open notebook.Our recruitment marketing services include:

  • Writing job summaries
  • Developing compelling recruitment ads
  • Managing job openings on your website
  • Posting job openings on key online job boards
  • Creating social media posts that promote job openings at your business
  • Managing paid recruitment campaigns on Facebook
  • Consulting about recruitment strategies
  • Researching competition in the job market
  • Setting up online application forms for your website

It’s a competitive job market! To attract qualified candidates, it’s important to know the right places to advertise and to write ad copy that highlights the benefits of working for your company.

When these important tasks are covered by local marketing and public relations professionals who know Bellingham and Whatcom County, you can be confident that your company is positioned in the best possible light in this job market.

To find out more about how PR Consulting can help you fill roles at your company, contact us today to get started.

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