Featured business: At-home care company provides peace of mind for Whatcom County families

August 2, 2017

Imagine being a small business owner in Bellingham with an 80-year-old dad who lives alone at his home.

He sometimes forgets to take his diabetes medicine, which causes frequent health issues you have to manage. He’s also lonely, so he calls you three times per day.

You often find it hard to focus on your work, and you struggle with guilt related to not being there for your dad during the day.

What if there were help? What if you could call on someone to provide peace of mind that your dad is being cared for?

Sue Sorensen, owner of Take My Hand At-Home Care, has been helping people in this very situation since 2010. She started the business to help ensure that the elderly in Whatcom County had access to personalized care that would allow them to live in the comfort of home during the aging process.

Basically, her team of licensed caregivers provide local families with support and peace of mind.

Take My Hand At-Home Care helps older individuals and couples manage daily living tasks during the day, overnight and even 24-hours per day. Their services provide much-needed assistance to seniors and to their busy families, who are often struggling to maintain a balance between their caring for elderly loved ones and their jobs and families.

Here are five ways that having an in-home care provider like Take My Hand can make life easier for older adults and their families:

Medication monitoring: Especially when a prescription changes or new medications are introduced, it can be extremely comforting to have someone on hand to monitor side effects and remind the person to take it to begin with.

Fall prevention: Falls are the No. 1 cause of injuries, both fatal and non fatal, in older Americans. At-home assistants provide ambulation support, meaning that they’re on hand to monitor and guide elderly individuals whenever they walk around the home — or out on the town.

Help with doctor visits: Do you remember everything the doctor told you the last time you had an appointment? Most people don’t — and odds are good that elderly loved ones don’t remember, either. Having a licensed caregiver on hand to ask questions, take notes and follow up with the doctor can be invaluable. Plus, the caregiver can then share important medical information with friends and family, so there’s no need to worry that something is slipping through the cracks.

Sue Sorensen. Bellingham, WA. © 2011 Mark Turner

Grocery shopping and food preparation: Proper nutrition is another worry common to the loved ones of elderly people living at home alone. Take My Hand At-Home Care’s staff can handle not only the shopping,

but the cooking, too — helping to ensure your loved ones are maintaining a healthy diet.

Socialization, friendship and companionship: It has been shown time and time again that loneliness is detrimental to the health of the elderly. Regular visits from an at-home caregiver can provide stimulating conversation, friendship and the socialization needed to keep mom or dad happy and healthy.

Day in and day out, Sue Sorensen and her team provide all of these services and many, many more. To learn more about at-home care for elderly loved ones in Lynden and throughout Whatcom County, contact Take My Hand At-Home Care.

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