Updated: December 8, 2015

Are you one of those businesses who uses the same generic ad for months or even years…in every publication you buy space in?  If you are, my guess is that your ad does not specifically speak to the readers of the publication you’re inserting it into.  It may be time for a change!

  Here’s an example of how an ad can be designed to speak to your target audience.  In this case we were reaching out to a local community college that has a professional nursing program; the ad ran in their student newspaper as part of a hiring blitz.

This care facility wanted the college students to know they offer many things that matter to them:  flexible schedules, opportunities for tuition reimbursement, cash awards for longevity, and even some fun at work.

Modern technology was used to engage a younger audience, primarily using a QR code, referencing Facebook, and providing an opportunity to instantly apply online.

Had this ad been directed at an older audience we would have replaced tuition reimbursement and night/evening shift opportunities with info on generous benefits like medical/dental/disability insurance, vacation/sick time, employer contributions to the retirement plan and more.  See how this works?

I invite you to take a look at your business ads and think about the readers of the publication.  Identify what matters to them and re-work the ad content.  Need help?  Contact me.  🙂

A man and woman are conducting a job interview across a small outdoor table.

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