7 tips to boost Instagram marketing success in 2016

November 16, 2015

“Being organized is the most important part of being successful with social media. You can know a lot, you can be online a lot, but if you’re not organized and don’t have all the pieces together you are not going to be successful.”

Social Media MarketingThis advice was shared by author, speaker and social media expert, Peg Fitzpatrick in a recent webinar during Social Media Success Summit 2015. The title of her presentation was “Instagram Productivity Tips: How to Create a Workflow that Works.”

Here are seven of the top takeaways from Peg’s SMSS15 webinar—keep these tips and ideas in mind if you’re looking to ramp up Instagram marketing efforts in 2016.

  • The number one reason for a business to use Instagram as a marketing tool is to generate blog and website traffic (a.k.a., putting consumer eyeballs on your products and services).
  • Companies need to really think about who their target audience is and generate posts that are appealing to them (not just what they personally want to post and share).
  • Establish a style guide that will help keep branding consistent. Choose two or three fonts to use and two or three color palettes. Choose one filter (if you want to use one) and stick with it. Set up a design template for recurring posts–like if you post a “Product of the Day” each Monday you can use the same background image for each of those Monday quotes.
  • Have a plan and get organized! Decide what the goal is for how many posts you want to generate per week and who is going to be responsible for generating that content. Who will be acting as the voice of your brand? That decision is not one to take lightly.
  • Develop an editorial calendar. A great editorial calendar will outline what will be posted when so you’re not sitting down each day wondering what to share that day–one look at the editorial calendar and you’ll know right away what direction to take (or stick with). If you need help putting together a DIY editorial calendar, we can help!
  • Snap lots of photos and create visuals in bulk, then roll them out over time.
  • Drill down what hashtags you should be using in each post. Consider putting hashtage in the comment section below your post so users won’t have to scroll through a long list of hashtags (which they can find annoying).

Lastly, Peg reminded marketers that hashtags are the key to Instagram growth. Using the right hashtags helps other users find your content (hashtags like #Bellingham or #Whatcom will help users in our local area find your profile and content).

“I don’t think it’s possible to be successful on Instagram without hashtags—
you really have to get your hashtags in line.” PegFitzpatrick

PR on InstaHashtags can also be used to help a business profile find local Instagram users to follow and engage with. Think about the marketing power of having meaningful conversations with local Instagram users.

Remember that the number one reason to use Instagram for small business marketing is to drive traffic to your website or blog—make sure those sites are polished and up-to-date before you roll-out or ramp-up Instagram efforts.

It may be time to add new content, images or product/service pages so consumers don’t get excited about your brand on Instagram only to click through to your website and see it’s outdated or not a responsive website (so they can’t navigate it easily from a smartphone).

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