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PR Consulting, Inc. has hired a social media manager and now includes four professionals with a variety of public relations, marketing and design experience.

“Our aim at PR Consulting is to build a team of experienced communications pros to help Whatcom County companies speak to consumers across many channels,” said PRC founder Patti Rowlson. “With Sarah’s hire, we now have experts on social media, content marketing, graphic design, websites and business consulting on the team.”

Sarah Goodin, PRC’s new social media manager, is a 2012 graduate of Western Washington University. She brings to PRC’s clients a passion for communication, sharing ideas and building community.

Matthew Anderson

Goodin’s primary professional experience is in marketing and sales analysis. She also serves on the board of a local company that uses walking tours to teach the history of Bellingham.

Goodin’s hire comes on the heels of two others in the past year:

  • Matthew Anderson, PRC’s content strategist and web developer, is a 2006 graduate of WWU’s Department of Journalism. He worked for nearly a decade in the University Communications and Marketing office at Western before leaving to pursue a master’s degree in communication and media studies.
  • Thomas Stoneham-Judge, PRC’s graphic designer, is a 2013 graduate of Washington State University. His background includes graphic design work for business of many sizes, including large corporate brands and small family-owned companies.

Thomas Stoneham-Judge

Since its launch in 2009, PRC’s primary role has been to help companies without a dedicated marketing team interact and engage with their customers, clients and communities. While the tools and best practices used to communicate with consumers keep changing; PRC’s human, personalized approach to their marketing efforts remains the same.

“Local companies are marketing to real people, and the work we do for them personalizes their brand,” Rowlson said. “Our engagement marketing work on social media, for example, shows that our clients are real people, not marketing automation robots and we believe real people experiences trump robot experiences every time.”

For more information about PR Consulting’s expansion and expertise in the Whatcom County business arena, contact marketing director Patti Rowlson at 360-325-3127 or

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