You’ve heard it time and time again: To be successful as a small business, it pays to outsource the work at which you’re not an expert. Maybe it’s payroll, taxes, marketing or graphic design.

But as the face of the business, you also want to be front and center at the various trade shows, meet-and-greets and other such events taking place in Whatcom County this year.

With a little teamwork, you can do both. Doing what you do best and outsourcing the rest ensures your business is well-positioned for success. Read on for a few simple ways that you can kick your business into high gear this year, especially with the busy trade show season right around the corner.

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Personal communication: For starters, social media integration is key. Before, during and after any event, businesses should be having conversations with customers. As a small-business leader, you know there’s no substitute for personal interactions with customers. When it comes to interpersonal marketing, planning and preparation will help build a name for your brand online and get customers excited about what you have to offer. Did you know that more than half of people who follow a brand on social media are more loyal to that brand?

A cohesive brand identity: A professional, cohesive look for your company — from the clothes employees wear at trade shows, to the visual identity of booth signage, to the look and feel of your website and social presence — builds trust, identity recognition and the appearance of professionalism among your customers. The first impressions that customers form of your business should reinforce the great work you’re doing in providing service and value as a business.

Showing your strengths: At trade shows and similar types of events, you’ll inevitably face competition. But don’t spend time worrying about it! Competition will actually help your business, as long as you focus not on others, but on what sets you apart. In what areas are you an expert? How great is your customer service? Is your visual identity strong? What are your customers thankful for? Spend some time thinking about what makes your business the success it is, and then jot down a few ways that you can remind your customers about your expertise in those areas.

If you want to brainstorm ways that your business can stand above the rest at an upcoming trade show, relying on strengths you already possess, give PR Consulting a call. We’d love to help you figure out how to put your best foot forward.

PR Consulting is a Bellingham marketing firm that helps with event marketing and relationship-building. As always, feel free to schedule a consultation online or give us a call to discuss your company’s marketing, graphic design and copywriting needs. We offer marketing bundle packages and also have a menu of Marketing 911 services that you can pick from any time you need a little extra help.

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