This morning I came across what is probably the best article I’ve read in a while about the WHY and HOW of business networking. It was written by Lara Feltin, co-founder/CEO of Seattle-based Biznik…a peer-to-peer business community that networks both on and off-line.

The article actually reminded me a lot of a real estate friend, Ron DeBoer, who often talks about the importance of ‘being in the flow’….in business and in your personal life.

We’ve all heard the Woody Allen quote: “90% of success is just showing up”.  If your business feels ‘stuck’ or if you have found yourself feeling a bit isolated in the business community I encourage you to read Lara’s article, join a tribe, show up and start participating both on and offline.

Here’s a quick quote from the article to inspire you to click through:

“When you actively participate in a community — meaning, when you show up — your name comes up in conversation too. If your friends know what kinds of clients you’re looking for, they can pass that on in conversation. But others won’t talk about you and spread the word about what you need, if you don’t show up. This is the fundamental difference between social networking and social media marketing.”

Need to brush up on your networking skills?  Here are some quick tips:  Networking Success!  Quick Tips for Getting Started.

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