We are a Bellingham-based communications and PR team – trusted and recommended by local business leaders since 2009.

It’s a fact, business leaders trust Bellingham PR & Communications! See what they say about working with our team:

“I don’t think of Bellingham PR & Communications as a consulting group, they are truly part of our team! I trust them to keep confidence when needed, to blow the horn loudly when needed and to be able to discern the appropriate timing for each.”

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“I rely on Bellingham PR & Communications to manage an important part of my business that I would otherwise have to spend a lot of time researching and managing: online marketing.”

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“As a busy small business owner, I appreciate that Patti is always quick to respond to my needs; she gets things done, is a great listener, and does a nice job of communicating in a way that everyone understands.”

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When you retain the services of Bellingham PR & Communications, you’ll have one go-to place for corporate communications, public relations, crisis communications, online marketing, copywriting and editing, branding, graphic design and website tech support. Call 360-305-3720, click the chatbox icon in the lower right of this screen, or visit this webpage to learn more.

“Hearing the words “Thank you so much; I don’t know what we’d do without you!” means a lot to our team. We have a heart for service and an appreciation for what it takes to operate a successful business, and we are happy to help. – Patti Rowlson, founder and marketing director of Bellingham PR & Communications

Hire Bellingham PR & Communications to Help Your Business

Take this path if you are looking to retain the services of a local communications firm that can perform a variety of marketing tasks for your company on a consistent, proactive basis.

Resources For Do-It-Yourself Marketers

Take this path if you are a DIY marketer looking for a bit of extra help. You’ll find tips, tutorials and consulting options that will answer many common questions.

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